LCCA: Lopez Center for Community and the Arts

Lopez Center for Community and the Arts is known to some as "LCCA", to others as "The Community Center", but to most simply as "The Center". But it is known to all on Lopez Island as a critical part of life on the island.

The Center is located on some 7 acres of land in the middle of Lopez Village. It has committed the use of some of the land to an outdoor performance pavilion, The Lopez Children's Center, The Family Resource Center, The Farmers' Market, a community garden, and a skateboard park. It sits proudly in the middle of an expansive greensward with drought and deer resistant landscaping.

The Center was built through a tremendous cooperative effort by Lopez people. The money was raised with enthusiasm by the community, who then donated countless hours to construct it. When opened in October 1999 the building was fully paid for and was an instant success. It has gone on from strength to strength and is now used by various community organizations and individuals.

The Center has become the center of life on Lopez, as was hoped from the very beginning.

LCCA: Lopez Community Center Association

The Center is owned and managed by the Lopez Community Center Association, also known as "LCCA", a non-profit - 501(c)3 - organization.

The Mission of the Lopez Community Center Association is to initiate, coordinate, and promote performing and visual arts and other cultural, educational, and recreational activities that enrich the entire Lopez Community.

Everyone who resides on or owns property on Lopez is automatically a Member of LCCA without fee.

The Board, elected by the members, establishes the policies to be implemented by the Executive Director of the Center, assisted by a host of Member Volunteers.