The future of Salish Sea salmon
SalmonAtion 2020
January 25, 2020, 5:30pm
Offered by Kwiaht, your local laboratory for the science of stewardship
Kwiaht celebrates 12 years of volunteer supported monitoring of the abundance, diets, and health of juvenile Chinook salmon when they migrate through the San Juan Islands each summer--a key data base for understanding what can be done to reverse the decline of these endangered fish prized by humans and sought by killer whales! Here on Lopez Kwiaht scientists and volunteers have also been studying the diet of herring and sand lance ("forage fish" for Chinook), and the effects of changing climate and pollution on the plankton species that forage fish eat. Join us as Kwiaht director Russel Barsh shows how we can finally "connect the dots" from diatoms and copepods to killer whales! And share a special surprise salmon meal. Hint: which species of salmon is best adapted to our forecast future climate?
Lopez Island Vineyards wines, salmon, snacks from Holly B's, and a specially themed musical offering by Stanley and Kip Greenthal!