2020 Lopez Island Home Tour Sponsors
Bob and Paula Walker
Doug Benoliel and Tamara Buchanan
Bobbie DeVore and John Narver
Don Stone
Connie Harris and Jim Smith
Chris Fennell Construction
Beth Shirk and Anne Hietbrink
Suzi and Scott Jennings
John and Ellie Roser
Stepper and George LeBoutillier
Westlund Family
Nancy and Glenn Griley
Timothy Maxson
Richardson Fuel
Lauren and Jamie Stephens
Angus Fraser and Janice Peterson
Mary and Paul Gauthier
Lorena and Jeff Daggett
Jonelle and Russ Johnson
Mariette and Murray Trelease
Jim and Nancy Caleshu
Cliff and Mary Ann Cameron
Margot Janeway
Jacquelyn Ashe
Spud and Karen Grimes
Tom and Molly Preston
Cliff and Mary Ann Cameron
Karlena Pickering
Mary Ellen and Pat Hughes
Trevor and Joanne Bryant
Wardell Architects
Christine Kerlin and Tim Madison
Bev and Jim Smith
Judy and Kermit Rosen
Sean and Bob OConnell
Rodger and Margo Fagerholm
Diana G. Hancock, Attorney at Law
Herb and Dodie Schiessl
Mike Halperin and Jodi Green
Valerie and Stan Piha
Colleen and George Willoughby
Peter Stamats and Karen Allen
Mary Bywater Cross
Rebecca Presley
Rip and Julie VanCamp
Barbara Carver
John and Carol Whetten
Virginia McDermott and Jim Gale
Lexi and Kirm Taylor
Duane and Audrey Bordvick