November 1, 2019

Lopez Center will continue to thrive with your support!

Lopez Center's 20th Anniversary last month celebrated an amazing creation in the heart of Lopez. That creation was and is much more than a building-it's the spirit of a community. A community that gave of itself in land, money, and hands-on work to transform five acres of pasture and trees into a place where we connect.

That spirit has kept on giving. Twenty years of performances, potlucks, exhibits, talks, and dances. You've held fundraisers for non-profit organizations that keep our island vibrant, joined with family and friends to celebrate a wedding, a birthday, a life. And for twenty years the Center has grown beyond the main building and original pavilion, to serve the Skate Park, Farmers Market, Sally's Garden, Fertile Ground, and Lopez Children's Center.

Lopez Center for Community and the Arts has come to embody so much of what our Island is by providing so much of what our community needs.

We need your help to keep the Center running, maintained and affordable, and for our work as stewards of the surrounding lands. Your year-end donation at this time will make a difference. With your support, Lopez Center will continue to thrive!

In gratitude,

Marcia deChandenedes, Dawn Dawson-Wexo, Bruce Ellestad, Julie Gilbreath, Kim Herrenkohl, Marisa James, Jon Paynter, Becky Presley, Migael Scherer, Todd Twigg, and Shawn Westervelt

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