November 5, 2019

Lopez Center Board Members

The Lopez Community Center Association is in the process of identifying potential new board members.

Each member of the Board of Trustees brings unique skills and gifts to the work of the Center, so filling vacant positions is very important.

Everyone who lives on Lopez Island is a member of the Lopez Center Association and is therefore eligible to serve on the board. Being on the LCCA Board of Trustees can be fun and rewarding and is a great way to meet new people in the community.

The Center just celebrated its 20th year of service to the Lopez Community. At this point, it is important to look forward to the next generation of leaders to continue the important work.

Our Mission
The Mission of the Lopez Community Center Association is to imitate, coordinate, and promote performing and visual arts and other cultural, educational and recreational activities which enrich the entire Lopez Community.

Our Vision
To be recognized by all Lopezians as Our place for celebrating and building community, and a place where dreams become reality.

If you are interested in sharing your time and talent with the Board of Trustees, please write to Becky Presley (Chair of the nominating committee) and share a bit about yourself, your connection to the Center and your aspiration for wanting to join the board. Becky's e-mail is