Weddings at Lopez Center fall into two categories, Private and Community.

The private category is for private wedding events, with only invited guests being able to attend. The event is thus not publicly advertised by LCCA. With a WSLCB Banquet Permit alcohol can be given away.

The community category is for local weddings that are open to the entire Lopez Island community. They are advertised on the LCCA website and reader board. All community members are welcome to attend. Due to Washington State law, alcohol may not be given away at weddings in this category. All rentals include the main hall, dressing room, lobby, kitchen, tables, cocktail tables, chairs and South lawn.

Most weddings are in the private category with a starting cost of less than a thousand dollars. The final cost is dependent of the number of hours the center is rented, the number of place settings, garbage disposal, technical equipment used and cleaning arrangements. Please visit the page detailing the private rental rates. Wedding rentals in the community category are at lower rates than private ones. If your wedding event qualifies as a community event, then please visit the page that details the community rental rates.