"Rising Sideways"
Acrobatic Conundrum
August 29, 2021, 6:00pm
Outdoor Pavilion
Ticketed in advance: Adult $15.00, Youth $3.00

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Ticketed at the door: Adult $15.00, Youth $5.00
In a world turned upside-down, Acrobatic Conundrum proposes a theatrical rite to embrace the inversion of our time. Ascending in spirals, somersaulting through the air, and alighting with ease, a company of circus embody how we can be disoriented and poised at once. With all the passion and purpose that only eighteen months of solitudinous circus training can evoke, the performers of Acrobatic Conundrum are ready to channel the dancing, flipping sublime once again. This evening length, open air show is a one of a kind, not to be missed smorgasbord of aerial dance, hand to hand pas de deux, tumbling and clownery, always delivered in inimitable, authentic style. Celebrate our collective wishes for the way ahead, even as we grieve our lost time, and cherish the extraordinary present like never before. Come rise to the curious occasion in "Rising Sideways."

70 minutes. Open Air. Appropriate for all ages.