Garden Work Party
June 11, 2021, 10:00am
It is exciting to start having outdoor events at the Center once again!

As we get ready for more, including our three part summer concert series, we’d like to make sure that the LCCA grounds are in beautiful shape. We have a volunteer mowing and another one weeding, but we need some extra volunteers for a couple hours to really help make the grounds look good.

We are hoping that you will join us for a work party this Friday from 10-noon. We’ll have coffee baked goods and good company in the offering!

The projects on our list include:

Weeding under the Cedar trees
Cleaning up the path and areas around the bridges
Weeding and mulching the trees that are located on the south lawn
Weed whacking around the grounds
Cleaning up the garden in front of the kitchen

Please bring gloves and a mask! We have a couple weed eaters, but if you can bring an extra that would be great.

Thank you for considering joining us. We hope to see you here!