FREE Onsite Health Screenings
October 11, 2022, 2:00pm
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Lyn Health is pleased to announce that, as part of our commitment to health and wellness for residents in San Juan County, it will be offering free and confidential on-site health screenings! Screenings will take place October 11th on Lopez Island, October 12th on Orcas Island and October 13th on San Juan Island from 2pm-7pm.

Health screenings are open to all residents of San Juan County over the age of 13. Food and free handouts will also be provided for those in attendance!

There are two ways to join us in the free screening -
1. pre-schedule a screening with us using this link -
2. We will also happily take walk-ins.

Health screenings* are quick, easy and a great assessment tool to determine your current health needs. Through these screenings, you’ll be given valuable insight into blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), and glucose levels.

While you’re there, you’ll also have an opportunity to learn more about Lyn Health and how we’re helping people with complex medical conditions in San Juan County. Eligible participants can enroll in the Lyn program onsite with our doctors and nurses!

*The health screening includes the following tests: Glucose (diabetes), blood pressure, and measured height and weight (BMI). The diabetes screening is conducted via a fingerstick. Results will be given to you on-site by a health professional who will discuss your results with you.

Please note that fasting is not required prior to the health screening. You should continue to take any medications directed by your physician, and make sure you are well hydrated.


Lyn is human-centric healthcare created for people with multiple chronic conditions, delivering clinical, advocacy and care coordination services via a single point of contact, 24/7. Leveraging virtual capabilities and in-person resources, Lyn improves quality of care and lowers cost for the polychronic population. The unique business model collaborates with employers, health plans and providers to augment the current healthcare system, not replace it. Lyn is customized, holistic care designed with love, empathy and compassion.

The San Juan County LTC Care Coordination Network partnered with Lyn Health to provide its virtual care coordination model and services to its polychronic residents in San Juan County. The partnership with Lyn is part of a $750,000 three-year grant from the federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for the purpose of implementing a suite of solutions for long-term care in San Juan County.