The Katesonian
The 2022 Virtual Home Tour is Sponsored by:
George and Colleen Willoughby
Rob and Margaret Mechaley
Richardson Fuel
Wardell Architects
Christine Kerlin and Tim Madison
Barbara Carver
In honor of John and Carol Whetten
Spud and Karen Grimes
Brigitte & Doug
Lorena and Jeff Daggett
Margo and Rodger Fagerholm
Peter Stamats and Karen Allen
Jim and Birte Falconer
Bob & Sean O’Connell
Suzi and Scott Jennings
Tom and Molly Preston
Hoedemaker Family
John and Nancy Butte
Bob and Paula Walker
Margot and Charlie Janeway
Valerie and Stan Piha
Pamela McCabe
Jonelle and Russ Johnson
Westlund Family
Beth Shirk and Anne Hietbrink
Diana G. Hancock, Attorney at Law
Cliff and Mary Ann Cameron
Mary Ellen and Pat Hughes
Nancy and Glenn Griley
Dianne Pressenda
Mary Bywater Cross
Stepper and George LeBoutillier
John and Carol Whetten
Steve and Jacque Bumstead
Bev and Jim Smith
Jim and Nancy Caleshu
Becky Presley
Duane and Audrey Bordvick
Mike Halperin and Jodi Green
Inez Black
Jim and Pam Phillips