Reserve and Use the Center

Lopez Center for Community and the Arts was created with two major goals for its use:

  • To provide a facility which could offer "something for everyone"
  • To bring the cost of using the facility within the reach of all

General Use and Fee Policies

Who may use the Center?

Lopez Community Center is open to all members (residents and property owners of Lopez Island), visitors, nonprofit organizations, and community service groups for usage within the limitations of LCCA's nonprofit 501-C-3 and real estate tax exemption charter.

How to reserve the Center

You should Check Space Availability before you work on and submit a reservation request to the Center in order to ensure that the space is available at the time you need it.

To send a request to reserve space you may fill in and submit our online forms - you will find the link to these forms at the bottom of this page. You may also visit the Center Office if you want assistance with your reservation.

Use Policy

  • Lopez Center for Community and the Arts is available on a first come, first served basis and may be booked up to 12 months in advance.
  • The Center is available from 8 am till midnight.
  • Use of the Center pavilion and Center grounds must end by 10 pm.
  • The facility must be vacated, restored and cleaned for the next user at the end of each use period.
  • Once the online reservation form has been submitted to the Center Office, the space will have been reserved and a Use Agreement will be generated.
  • A Security Deposit must be paid and the agreement signed after the Use Agreement has been transmitted and before the specified deadline .
  • Full payment of the Use Fees must be received by the Center office in advance of event and before the specified deadline.
  • Cancellation of a reservation may cause forfeiture or the Security Deposit and/or the Use Fees, depending of the timing of the cancellation.
  • The Security Deposit will be refunded upon completion of the event subject to satisfactory inspection by the Center of the premises.
  • Insurance riders may be required. These will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • An Event Steward must be on hand to open and close the facility. If required by the Center, the Event Steward must be present the entire time during the hours in which the facility is open and in use.
  • Individuals or organizations planning to sell alcohol must obtain a Washington State Special Occasions Permit and provide proof of same upon signing of contract.
  • Individuals or organizations planning to serve alcohol must obtain a Washington State Banquet Permit and provide proof of same upon signing of contract.
  • The security deposit will be forfeited for events cancelled with less than 30 days notice before the event.

Types of Use

Uses are divided into two types of use: "Community" and "Private". Availability are determined by, and rates are set, according to the type of use.

  1. Community: Use for events that are open to and benefit the Lopez community by members and organizations that provide community, recreation, entertainment, cultural and educational services. Such uses include:
    • Use by nonprofit community organizations with a 501-C3 tax exempt status
    • Use by members or established community organizations that do not seek business or financial gain from the use.
    • Use by members or established community organizations, during which tickets are sold or donations are solicited for the purpose of covering cost and/or to raise money for a cause that benefits the Lopez Community.
  2. Private: Use by individuals, organizations and groups not covered by the previous definition of "Community" use. Such use may not include:
    • Use by individuals, organizations and groups that seek business or financial gain from the use.

In addition to making its space available for reservation and use under the guidelines above, LCCA also actively pursues Productions in cooperation with local and visiting performers in the areas of music, theater, dance and other presentations. If you have a suggestion for a Production, including one in which you might participate yourself, please do not hesitate to contact LCCA staff to discuss the possibilities.

Calculation of Usage Fees

Space rental fees are based on hours of use and include:

  • The actual time span of the event itself
  • Set-up prior to the event, and break-down, including clean-up, after the event
  • Rehearsal times, sound checks, etc.
  • All uses include a minimum number of rental hours, as well as a daily maximum.

Calculation of equipment rental cost and services depends on several factors:

  • Some equipment may be included in the space rental fee
  • Some hourly equipment may in addition require the operation by a technician which is charged by the hour
  • Some equipment and services are charged for each occurrence of use

Use Fees

You will find a specific listing of the current space and equipment fees for the classes of use in the Use Fee Schedules: