Lopez Center for Community and the Arts

Use Contract

As the User of the Facilities and services of Lopez Center for Community and the Arts, I agree to the terms, provisions and conditions set forth below for use of the facilities of Lopez Center for Community and the Arts for the Activity on the date(s) and time(s) detailed in the attached Use and Fee Schedule.


User must have an LCCA-approved Event Steward on hand to open and close the Facilities for every Activity. If required by LCCA, the Event Steward will be present the entire time during the hours in which the Facilities are open and in use for the Activity. Arrangement for securing the services of an Event Steward will be made with LCCA and such arrangements and their fees are listed in the Schedule.


User is responsible for leaving the Facilities in the same or better condition than it was found. The User is responsible for proper clean-up of the Facilities after an Activity. If used, special attention will be given to a full and adequate kitchen clean-up as appropriate. This includes wiping all surfaces and damp mopping of the floor. Clean up includes:

  • All items, equipment, supplies, decorations, displays, etc. brought into the Facilities by User must be removed.
  • All trash generated from the Activity must be removed from the Facilities.
  • Tables and chairs must be restored to their original locations.
  • Floors must be swept.
  • Floors will be mopped if necessary.
  • Carpeted areas will be vacuumed if used.
  • Kitchen will be cleaned as per posted instructions.
  • Restrooms will be left in clean condition.

If LCCA must arrange for cleaning due to User's failure to adequately clean the Facilities, the charges to User will be in accordance with its currently posted rate. If cleaning has been pre-arranged between LCCA and the User, this arrangement and its fee will be listed in the Schedule.

In the event that User's use of a space stretches over successive days, User agrees to clean and vacate each space for other use after each day's use according to the preceeding, unless otherwise agreed to by LCCA.


Use hours shall commence at the time the Facilities are open to the User's Activity for any reason including, but not limited to, set-up, rehearsal, equipment checks, deliveries, and the like, and will not conclude until such time as the User and all guests and help (including the clean-up crew) have left the Facilities. The balance of all use fees in excess of these described in the Use and Fee Schedule is due no later than twenty-four (24) hours after the completion of the Activity.


User's use of space(s) shall be limited to the space(s) and times identified for each daily usage period in the Use and Fee Schedule. User agrees that usage of and access to the LCCA building and grounds is non-exclusive and that other users, LCCA staff and volunteers shall have unhindered access to all spaces not identified for User's daily use in the Use and Fee Schedule, incuding but not limited to such common areas as the lobby, rest rooms, administrative office, outside grounds, etc. Notwithstanding the preceeding, LCCA staff or LCCA's designated representative shall have unhindered access to space(s) during all times of use.


User shall provide a Security Deposit prior to the Activity. The amount of the Security Deposit is listed in the Use and Fee Schedule.

The Security Deposit must be paid no later than (to be determined) days from the date of transmission of this Agreement to User.

The purpose of the deposit is to hold the reservation and to guarantee the satisfactory clean-up of the facilities and equipment, applied against any damage that may have been caused by User, guests or help (including clean-up), and to cover any other charges that may be imposed.

The Security Deposit shall be fully refundable within 14 days after the end of the Activity, subject to the Facilities having been restored to the condition existing at the beginning of the Activity.

The Security Deposit shall be forfeited in the event that User cancels the Activity within (to be determined) days of the start of the Activity.


User shall pay Use Fees in full prior to the activity. The amount of the Use Fees are listed in the Use and Fee Schedule.

The Use Fees must be paid no later than (to be determined) days before the start of the Activity.

The Use Fees shall be forfeited in the event that User cancels the Activity within (to be determined) days of the start of the Activity.


User agrees to hold LCCA and its officers, agents, employees, volunteers, and San Juan County harmless from any and all liabilities and all claims for damages of any nature or kind, including all costs and legal expenses that may result from or be claimed for any reason resulting from the use of the Facilities for the Activity. User agrees to assume the risk associated with using LCCA facilities and further agrees to follow the practices required by relevant jurisdictions for the mitigation of disease transmittal. User agrees to fully reimburse LCCA for any damage arising from the use of the Facilities for the Activity, plus costs and/or attorneys' fees, if any, incurred in the collection of same. This Hold Harmless applies whether you follow the recommendations for your personal protection or not.


LCCA reserves the right to require proof of insurance as a condition of use.


User agrees to comply with all the rules and regulations of the LCCA regarding use of the Facility as well as applicable San Juan County, Washington State and U.S. federal law including all disease related recommendations, restrictions, and requirements.


The occupancy limit for the Activity is to be in accordance with existing Fire Code.


The use of alcoholic beverages on LCCA property is prohibited, except by proper licensing. All use of alcohol must be in accordance with the laws of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.


Smoking is prohibited on LCCA property except in designated outside smoking areas.


Open flames and special effects requiring fire of any kind are prohibited at all times. Candles shall be used only in containers that enclose the flames.


Water-play of any kind and activities involving water that may damage the Facilities are not permitted.


Except in designated areas, all decorations and set pieces must be freestanding and no decorations or set pieces may be attached to any surface of the building by nails, tacks, damaging tape or any other such material. Any explanatory signs shall also be freestanding and not attached to the building, except in designated areas. Use of paint is limited to designated areas only. The stage floor, if painted for the performance, must be returned to its original color after the performance.


The use of these materials on LCCA property is prohibited. Birdseed or flower petals may be used in the outside area.


Amplification of sound in the outside area is prohibited except for specific approved outdoor Activities. Due to the presence of residences in the vicinity of the LCCA property, noise intrusion shall at all times be avoided.


No animals are allowed inside the Facilities with the exception of service dogs. Special programs involving animals will be permitted at the discretion of LCCA.


User will publicize that a parking lot is available and will encourage its use. In the event of a full lot, street parking is available but is limited to only Village Road, bordering the Center property. No parking is allowed on either side of Fisherman Bay Road. User will be responsible for parking and crowd control as necessary, including providing monitors or traffic directors.


Equipment or inventory belonging to LCCA that User has been granted permission to use is listed in the Schedule. The User shall review the list at the close of the Activity to ensure that the items used are present and in as good condition as they were found. No equipment or inventory of LCCA shall be removed from the Facilities.


If User is granted permission to use the theatrical lighting, sound system and other technical equipment, LCCA may require that an LCCA-approved technician is on site to provide technical services during the Activity. Arrangement for securing the services of a technician must be made with LCCA and such arrangements and their fees are listed in the Schedule.

If User is granted permission to use the theatrical lighting, sound system or other technical equipment without the services of an LCCA-approved technician, User is solely responsible for the operation of the equipment and may be required to demonstrate ability to operate the equipment. It is User's sole responsibility to ensure, prior to commencement of and during the Activity, that the equipment is configured for User's purpose and that it works as intended. Under no circumstances shall LCCA be liable for User's lack of ability to properly operate the equipment.

In the event of bona fide malfunction of equipment, User's sole remedy shall be a re-imbursement of any charge incurred for use of the equipment.


The kitchen is a warming kitchen only, and User agrees to confine uses within the guidelines provided by LCCA.


User agrees to not move, remove, cover, damage or otherwise interfere with decorations and displays on walls, floors, posts, railings, ceilings or elsewhere. In the event that User's use of Facilities requires decorations or displays to be moved, such a move may only take place subject to express permission given by LCCA and under the supervision of LCCA or LCCA's designated representative.


The LCCA does not discriminate against any person by reason of age, creed, color, sex or sexual orientation. The User agrees that, at all times during the Activity, the Facilities shall be operated in such a manner as to comply with the goals and purposes outlined within the provisions of Chapter 67.28 RCW it now exists or is hereafter amended.


Harassment of anyone on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status and/or the presence of any physical, mental or sensory disability in the form of, but not limited to, slurs, comments, jokes, innuendoes, unwelcome compliments, cartoons, pranks or other verbal or physical conduct which has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's functioning will not be condoned or tolerated by the LCCA. User will, should any harassment occur during the Activity, identify such offensive behavior immediately to any harasser and request that it stop. If User, after having done so, finds that the behavior does not stop, User must discuss the matter immediately with the LCCA.


Applies to uses with one or more community events only: The LCCA maintains a reader board to advertise coming events. Information about the User's event may be placed on the reader board. Space is limited, and space on the reader board will be available based on the dates of upcoming events and space availability. Information about events is limited to approximately seventeen (17) spaces per line, and only two to three events can be featured at any one time. Each event listed must include date and time, and if space is available, up to three lines. Space on the reader board is not guaranteed, nor does the LCCA guarantee that the exact language requested by the User will be placed on the board.The User agrees that the LCCA is may refuse to post information that is deemed by the LCCA to be hateful, incendiary, lewd, political or otherwise outside of what is appropriate for being advertised by LCCA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.


Applies to uses with one or more community events only: The LCCA advertises coming community events on its website once a use has been approved. The User agrees to produce at least a brief synopsis of the content and purpose of the User's event(s) in the appropriate space on the website. It must include a title, description, date, time and admission criteria. It may also include an image. The User agrees to not post content that is deemed by LCCA to be hateful, incendiary, lewd, political or otherwise outside of what is appropriate for being advertised by LCCA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.



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